Banana Leaf

Bananas are one of the great pan-equatorial foodstuffs. Originating in Southeast Asia, bananas and plantains have become staple fruits and starches for tropical cuisines the world around. Not only the banana fruits that have a lot of advantages but also the leaves! Here are some advantages of the banana leaves:

  1. Healthier and safer. Banana leaves contain natural compounds called polyphenols, such as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. This compound is also found in green tea. Polyphenols are natural antioxidants that can repair free radicals and prevent disease. Wrapping food in banana leaves is claimed to help food absorb polyphenols from the leaves so that its nutrients can be increased.
  2. Banana leaves are able to produce a distinctive aroma because they have a special wax coating. When hot food is placed in banana leaves, the wax will melt and add flavor to the food, making the food taste better. Banana leaves are a much more environmentally friendly choice for food packaging than materials like plastic or styrofoam. The reason is, banana leaves are very easy to decompose in a short time, unlike plastic which takes hundreds of years to decompose completely.
  3. Banana leaves don’t need a lot of cleanser. Just wipe it with a little water and then let it air out. Banana leaves can be used easily as containers or food wrappers. Not surprisingly, to cope with dishwashing, there are vendors who adorn their plates with banana leaves.
  4. Banana leaves can be used as a natural herbal remedy to treat minor skin wounds and other skin problems, such as dandruff, eczema, and sunburn. You can consume it in the form of banana leaf juice regularly or soak banana leaves in cold water and then apply to the skin that is needed.
  5. Banana leaves are also useful for relieving pain from poisonous insect bites, bee stings, spider bites, rashes, and skin irritations. This leaf has long been known as a natural pain reliever.
  6. Due to its high antioxidant and astringent properties, banana leaves can also be used to reduce inflammation and anxiety during fever.
  7. Dried banana leaves are rich in allantoin, help boost immunity and speed up the healing process. Drink banana leaf stew or banana tea thrice to boost your immune system.
  8. Dried banana leaves are a rich source of allantoin and polyphenols. Both of these substances have been shown to help reduce intestinal bleeding.
  9. Banana leaves can overcome cellulite. Steam the banana leaves and wrap them in the desired area for a few hours. Drink banana tea with ginger for better results. This has been a tried and tested method of getting rid of body cellulite for a long time.
  • Fill 5 sheets per pack
  • Packing by plastic
  • Length 120 – 160 cm
  • Shipping by air or sea

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